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Primus Optimus

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Primus Optimus Empty Primus Optimus

Post by Primus Optimus on Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:46 am

___________ Primus Energon Optimus ___________

Primus Optimus Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTQfm2XVyTuUuKph4KXUZTYNCn69zvkGaPkt7h5E7f1ZnBLFh_zGRKQyvYo

"You know what's so great about a dream? It's unattainable. It's that fact that we know we can't get to it that makes us want to go out and get it."

Nickname(s): Lord of the Large Pants
Sex: Male
Birthday: 26/6/X367
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Neutral
Rank: D

Guild: Rogue
Guild Tattoo: If I ever join a guild, it'll be on his ass and the color will be multicolored to where it looks like a flame job.
Primus Optimus Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Primus is a very large man. Standing at six foot five and weighing in at three hundred and forty two pounds, he is a large man. Most of his body weight is in fat, and that collects in his stomach region. Forming an apple like body. His arms are quite large and thick with muscle, he has large hands and hairy biceps. His hair is very short, and very spiky. He has blonde hair that shines due to all the grease that he puts into it. And he has a goatee that looks like a triangular prism. His goatee, like the rest of his hair, is spiky. He has blue eyes that somewhat shine, and his eyebrows are small and to the point.

He tend to walk in a very slow, cumbersome way. Never really doing things quickly for he likes to take time to appreciate life. He only moves quickly when he's building something, for he prides himself in his speed at fixing and creating mechanical devices. He tends to be goofy, and somewhat odd. People can usually tell just by looking at him that he is a calm fellow. But most don't see that he invents all of these crazy gizmos and that he's a conspiracy freak. He tends to be a fun loving guy that people would like to hang out with, although he usually wishes that there would be someone else to talk about his mechanical interests with. Alas, there is no one. So, he's just a fun loving guy.

Attire/Clothing: Primus wears a white shirt with the number twelve on the left breast. But his trucker vest hides the two on it so it looks like it just has the number one on it. His vest has torn off sleeves because it used to be a button up shirt, but his growth since age twelve, which was when he got it, and the fact that people would push him around tore off the sleeves and won't let him button up the shirt. He wears blue jeans and black sneakers. He always wears a belt that as a belt buckle on it that has the symbol of the Magic Council split in half, to show that he does not like the Magic Council. Not one bit. He has a bracelet on his left hand that has a cracked crystal in it, his father gave that to him. It serves no purpose.

Abnormalities: He has a tattoo of a gear on his back, and that's about it.

Primus Optimus Personalucy

Personality: Primus is a very lovable guy, that is of course thinking that you like machinery and how stuff works. Or if you like eating contests. That's all there is to the guy, he has no reason to love. He doesn't need friends. He just goes to eating contests and he builds machines. While he is alone he is able to concentrate on his work, his research, or his latest creation! When he is with others, he wishes that there were others that he could share his love of mechanics with. But, that's not going to happen. This man tends to boast about small things, like eating a lot, or beating his personal record. After a day or two of boasting, he forgets about it and he starts trying to do something else.

This guy, he has a dream. Well, more of an idea than a dream. More of a hyptohosis than an idea. He knows that all mechanical devices require magic to run. He also knows that there has to be someone putting that magic into the device. So, his brain started to think about a "what if?". Now, we all know that "what if"'s are extremely dangerous. That they can lead to harm and benefit. So, here's his idea. He figures that there could possibly be something that can hold magic inside of it. Something that can contain magic within it, and that it's something that isn't alive. So, it has become his dream to create such an item.

Hobbies: He enjoys creating mechanical items that move with gears and require to be wound up. He is also a very big eater. That little fact has gone to his size. He is also an avid fan of table top war games.

Likes: He loves to eat, why? Because he does. He enjoys one of his hobbies, which is collecting miniatures and painting them for use in his war games. He also likes mechanical creations. He likes chilly food. For some odd reason. Can't say why, he just does.

Dislikes: He doesn't like people that judge others based upon their appearance, for obvious reasons. He also doesn't like people that waste food. And you best be praying that you didn't make fun of his dream, or one of his creations. Also, if you even think about taking credit for his work, you will not live to see tomorrow. He HATES it when people steal credit for his work.

Inspiration: His inspiration to become a mage came from his war games when he was little. He always saw the wizards and the warlocks as being so cool to use. Even though he knew that no mage could ever use more than one type of magic like they did. So, he decided to become a mage. He then later learned the stuy of mechanical items and he had his dream made. He wants to create a device that can hold magic indefinitely. So, you know. What I said in the "Persona" section of this app.

Fears: He fears most that his mechanical creations will become malevolent. And that they will try to take over the world. But's from reading one too many fiction books. He also fears death. He fears death because it is unknown. And the unknown frightens us as humans. He also has a fear of spiders, sorry man. This big guy is afraid of spiders. He doesn't like how many legs they have. It freaks him out.

Primus Optimus Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Big Eater
Augment Description: This son of a bitch, he can eat 169 hotdogs in one sitting. And he still won't be done eating. He can eat, and eat, and EAT. This guy, it's inhuman, the amount of food this guy can chow down on.

Primus Optimus Equipmenterza

Name: Monkey Wrench
Classification: Weapon
Type: It's a monkey wrench, what did you think it was going to look like?
Material(s): Steel.
Appearance: Like a big ass wrench that's two feet long.
History: This wrench was given to him by his teacher, so he always keeps it near him.

Primus Optimus Historygray

Primus began his life born to a rather poor family. Primus' family was never interested in how much money they had, or how much food they had on the table. They just cared about whether or not they had fun together. However that quickly changed when Primus was ten and his father accidentally captured a criminal and turned him in for the bounty. That bumped them up to middle class. While they were in that adjustment period, Primus learned that there was more food available. So, he started to eat a lot. And I mean a lot. He quickly lost his small, thin frame and he became a portly boy.

It was then that he discovered war games. He was walking down the street one day, and he saw a couple of people going into the basement of a book store. He followed them, for he was very curious as a child. So, he entered the basement. And down there, he saw a group of nerds playing war games on the top of a table. Instantly, Primus loved it. He enjoyed the thought of controlling armies, of sending men out to battle. He wanted to play. So, h walked on up and meekly said, "Hello." to the nerds. Th nerds saw him, and they were wondering what he was doing there. So, one of them asked him, "So, what are you doing down here?" To which Primus responded with, "I followed you down here. That game looks like fun. Can I play?"

Of course, the nerds were a bit surprised when they learned that a kid wanted to play a table top war game. So, they went into a circle to talk about it, some were all for the idea of young blood entering their ranks. Some thought that he was a spy sent from the government to spy on them. Now, these nerds were not only nerds, they were also conspiracy theorists. These people would alter Primus' view on the world substantially. After much arguing, they agreed to let Primus into their little group. So, Primus began to look into the game.

Four years have passed since Primus had gotten into war gaming. He also saw that the nerds were tinkering with machinery. But he paid that little heed, as he was learning new tactics to win. He was a fan of using the Order of the Wizrobe army. For they were all wizards. Not really wizards, but they were similar. So, he became interested in magic. However, his huge appetite had rendered his body large, and unable to do much physical activity. Although he was also great in strength. He had learned much from his group of friends. He learned that the government was experimenting with cross species fertilization, and he also learned that they have eyes everywhere. And that there are few people that can be trusted.

So, he asked them about learning magic. As it turned out, one of them was good with magic. He used Mechanic Magic, and that was what allowed him to build his machines so quickly. So, he agreed to take Primus under his wing and to teach him about the art of the machines.

Fast forward ten years. Primus has learned all that he can from his teacher, and his teacher has taught him the art of machinery. So, Primus left them. Saying that he needed to go see the world. So, he found an abandoned tower on the outskirts of Magnolia, and he set up his home there. Far away from the government. And where he can work on his creations in peace. Or, his creations spring to life and they start causing havoc and mayhem on the poor people of Magnolia. Eh, it was worth a shot.


Faceclaim: Coop - Megas XLR
Other characters: Please post what other characters you RP on this site. Yes, we know who you are, so you won't have to pretend.

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Post by Luxin Rhodes on Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:12 pm

I will be reviewing this app.

Please tell me why you fear spiders. There has to be a reason.

Remember, calm down on the swearing, this is a PG-13 website and I don't want to hear some crappy excuse like how 'hey Arnold' had kids mooning. This is not that tv show. This is our own site.

bump after done.

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Post by Luxin Rhodes on Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:02 pm


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Luxin Rhodes
Luxin Rhodes
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Posts : 79
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