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Xion Estrella

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Xion Estrella Empty Xion Estrella

Post by Xion on Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:01 am

___________ Xion Estrella ___________

Xion Estrella Edward_elric_by_nominee84-d3ad42p

"I promise you, I'd go everywhere I've been to make atonement for my sins and see...see your smiling face again"

Nickname(s): X, Calamity
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Birthday: 4/9/X368
Sexuality: Pansexual
Affiliation: Light Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Magic Council
Guild Tattoo: Left bicep / Black

Xion Estrella Appearancenatsu

Physical Characteristics: Xion is a reasonably tall man, standing six foot tall with beautiful rich golden hair, tied down his back in a ponytail. Although most people remember him as a little kid, and up until around a year ago he was unbelievably short. He has grown almost half a foot in the last fifteen months. As such, most people don't recognize him if they've already known him. Other than being tall, he's also fairly muscled, due to his hard work with fighting against monsters in the wilderness. He's thought of as quite light, despite his metallic arm. He only weighs sixty eight kilograms, due to the lack of any realt on his bones. His physique is more akin that of a swords-man than a soldier, due to his fighting style. Despite his rather thin frame, his automail and his skilled eye allows him to be much stronger (or at least appears to be) than he should be with a frame like his. His eyes are a beautiful golden hue, the same as his hair. He inherits this from his father, who was also blonde with gold eyes. At any time, his hands will have minor scratches on them from his parkour.

Attire/Clothing: Xion has two main sets of clothes. The first is what he classes his training outfit, and the second is his travel clothes. His training outfit is rather smple; a black vest-shirt that is rather loose to allow him to move without restraint. With that, he wears blue jeans and black leather boots. His travel clothes, on the other hand, are much different. Over the top he wears a long, red hooded-longcoat. It is emblazened with his family's crest, which is shown in the below spoiler. Underneath the coat, he wears an over-shirt which he buckles up with a simple clasp. It's got a high-collar, which surrounds his neck and gives him better protection against choke-holds or against damage to his neck in any other way. He wears black combat fatigues with that, as well as the same shoes that he wears for training. The only other thing that he always wears no matter which outfit he picks is his brown belt, which holds a few things that he might need. Painkillers, bandages, and a compass.

Abnormalities: Due to an accident when he was first learning Crash magic, he has an automail left arm. He could get it repaired by magic, but he believes it reminds him to keep on the straight and narrow, and never to get lazy.

Xion Estrella Personalucy

Personality: Xion is a very mentally strong man, never seeming to fall to despair no matter how terrible the situation. He also seems like a very moral man, someone who only kills those who won't stop until they're dead, and fighting for what he believes is right instead of because he wants to do it. The amount of times he will forego killing someone for favour of bringing them into custody just to have them end up on the executioner's platform is almost innumerous. Respect, Honour and Loyalty are three of the most important things in his life, and he has been called 'The element of loyalty' because of the fact that that he will never desert his allies, no matter how bad the situation.

Whilst this is all true, he's the kind of man who doesn't give second chances. He's loyal to the end as long as they don't betray his trust first, but if they ever betray his trust he will never forgive them. He's one of the few nigh incorruptible sources of law and justice still left in Fiore, and would willingly pursue it to his dying breath. Still, even with this in mind he's not an obsessive. He makes sure to spend time with friends, families, and even manages to keep a few girls on the go at any one time. Never committing to a relationship, just very very intimate friends. After all, to have someone worthy of being his woman (or his man) Would require someone of unbelievable moral standing and loyalty, and he hasn't managed to find one yet.

Surprisingly enough for someone of his magic type, there is little that Xion likes more than making new things, including his automail arm. He has self-taught himself enough biology, chemistry, engineering and physics to be a more than passing scientist, and spends days he has time of making things. Whether they be attachments to his arm, or completely new inventions. It's how he keeps his mind active even when his body isn't.

Maybe it's due to his compulsion to get stronger, strong enough to make up for his mistakes, but most of his time is spent in training, or finding new things to train. Whether it be training himself mentally, learning new sciences, blueprints, and recipes or whether it be physical/ magical training. He's extremely serious about bettering himself in every way possible

Whilst most people will be found street-level, if you really want to look for Xion then you need to search nearby rooftops, treetops or anywhere where he can actually get a challenge from moving around in. He claims that it keeps him more fit than running does, but he's only been doing it for around the last year and a half so he's still not perfect, but he's certainly getting there.

Weapons, Dogs, reading, blacksmithery, Fairy Tail Mages, women, training

Uncivilized people, idiots, criminals, cats, poorly made things, lazy people

Inspiration: Xion wants to become a stronger mage to avenge the deaths of his friends and his master. That’s the reason he always wants to train, because he wants to be strong enough to bring the men who wronged them to justice, to see him on the executioner’s block, to watch the fear and horror in his eyes as the axe swings down, just like the look in his friend’s eyes as he betrayed them.
- Failure: His greatest fear is that he’ll never be able to complete his quest, never be able to finish his mission to bring Milus to justice, to always be in the shadow of the man he once called big brother.
- Death: Although it’s not just the thought of his own death that scares him, he’s scared of the thought of dying before he can finish what he’s started. If he dies after bringing Milus to justice, then he’ll be content but until then he won’t let himself die
- Milus Blackheart: Although he completely hates this man, he fears him with equal measure. He managed to kill four people without even batting an eyelid, including the man who taught him magic, showing his raw skill. Fighting against someone like that... it’s terrifying.

Xion Estrella Augmenthappy

Augment Name: Amputee
Augment Description: Xion lost his arm in a fight against Milus Blackheart around four years ago. Since then, he has made a series of arms that will replace the one he lost, but this will always come with a negative. His arm is strong, it is unable to get poison into his body so if he's hit with a poison spell on his arm he's able to just ignore it. However, it can be affected with magic like anything else non-organic. It can be destroyed by crash magic, and although ice magic won't destroy it it will be less effective.

Xion Estrella Equipmenterza

Name: Automail Arm
Classification: Weapon/Armor
Type: Biological Augmentation
- clockwork pieces
- steel casing
- Magic-crystal plug
Xion Estrella Automail-arm-emily-leto
History: This was the first invention he ever designed, the automail arm that has replaced his arm that was destroyed by Milus

Name: Torikesu
Classification: Weapon
Type: Scythe
Black Steel for the staff
sharpened steel for blade
gold plated for decoration
Xion Estrella Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSBz6yNhBgt5iGjkE7ek7EdlXHfBwA_TLqB7a43Q4ArZCg_eqY2A_1zaOZG
History: A gift from his father for passing the Magic Council's entrance exams

Xion Estrella Historygray

Xion was born to a small family in one of the poorer districts of Pelistine City, to an inventor and an artist. He was brought up as educated as was physically possible in his circumstances, taught to read and write by his mother when he wasn’t helping out in the forge house. He quickly became a good blacksmith, and by the age of ten he was a superfluous blacksmith, able to make his own weapons with skill. Whilst he was taught to make them, he was also taught to use them, becoming extremely skilled with fighting, especially with axes and scythes. However, it was clear that that wouldn’t be enough, and one day there was a storm that threatened to flood the city, the gutters filled, rain pattered against the windows hard enough to make the glass collapse. Then, this old man came out of the crowd and threw his hand up, blocking off the skies with a strange black light, before it finally cleared and it was a sunny day once again. Everyone was amazed, and people kept on pushing to him to shake his hand and thank him, but two boys and a girl held them back, not allowing them to come anywhere near him. Finally, they left town and everyone was smiling about him. The only one who wasn’t content was Xion. Leaving home, he ran after the man, tracking him down in the next town and begging him to take him as a student. The man agreed, and within a week he was another disciple of the mage. That was when he went back, for the last time, to his house and told them what was going on. They consented, and bid him good luck on one condition; He would come back safe and sound to them one day a year.

For a few years, he was trained as a disciple of the man, showing more skill with weapons and close combat than he did with the skill of magic, making most of his fellow disciples laugh at him, but there was one that didn’t treat him like that, an older boy called Milus Blackheart. They became fast friends, thick as thieves, and Milus would tutor Xion whenever he could. His teachings were much more understandable than his actual master’s, making him start to get better than his other students. As an only child, he and Milus started becoming like brothers, even calling each other brother. They might as well have been, due to how similarly they acted. However, one day Milus and their master had an argument, and that night he came to talk to Xion, asking him to run away with him to Obscura, to become mages of true power and influence. Xion rejected his offer, and Milus stormed off. The next day, he attacked their master and when Xion and his fellow disciples stood between them, Milus killed all of them without batting an eyelid. The only one who survived was Xion, whether this was because Milus couldn’t bare to kill his friend, or whether it was just by coincidence Xion doesn’t know. What he does know is that he will find him again and avenge his master and his fellow disciples.

That year, when he finally came home again, his parents were shocked by what had happened to their son. They asked him not to leave again, but he declined, telling them he needed to, to find Milus and to kill him. They came to a compromise. He wouldn’t try anything alone, and would join the council as soon as he was of age, working as whatever they wanted so that he could bring true justice to Milus, not just battlefield justice. Although, with the crimes that Milus has been piling up over the last few years, that would be the same now anyway. He joined the council as soon as he was of age, and now that he’s amongst their ranks, he plans on getting strong enough to rise through the ranks as quickly as possible and bring justice as a major upon the fool that once called himself his brother.


Faceclaim: Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist (brotherhood)

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Xion Estrella Empty Re: Xion Estrella

Post by Heero Villenn on Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:20 pm

The appearance section was slightly changed.

Put physique, eyes, and hair into a singular section called physical characteristics. This section needs to be 200 words.

Augment: Take out the, every punch feels like getting hit by a car part and your fine.

Everything else is fine. I believe.

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Post by Xion on Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:43 pm


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Post by Heero Villenn on Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:46 pm

according to my current knowledge. I deem this app APPROVED!

the uncertainty:
I dunno if we will be having a restriction on magic council members(as a council full of D-ranked 18 year olds is sorta not what we want) so I would avoid immediate rping with this character until Layl officially gives you your color.

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