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Otierno [wip]

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Otierno [wip]

Post by Durandal on Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:07 pm

___________ Otieno Ex Traore___________

"To be honest, I could care less..."

Nickname(s): Aki, Obi, — the stray dog;
Age (presumably): Eighteen;
Sex: Male;
Birthday: ?? | ?? | ????;
Sexuality: Straight;
Affiliation: Light Mage;
Rank: D-rank;

Guild: Sable Pantera;
Guild Tattoo: Right side of chest [black];

Physical Characteristics: Obi's appearance is part of his ominous mystery. A tall, powerfully built human standing unusually tall at almost six feet and four inches tall, his huge body is made mostly of muscle. His body is defined, cuts bearing down every edge of his body, though in a flexible fashion difusing any misconception of flexibility or agility. There isn’t a huge amount of fat on his body, as a hard life and constant training offset Obi's preferred diet of roast food, be it meat, fruit or vegetable. While there may not be much fat Delasoul has, at last count, one hundred and twenty three scars on various parts of his body. These range from small nicks and burns to one running almost two feet along his torso.

His physical build is accompanied by a cosmic hue which showers from every curve of his eyes. At a mere glance, his eyes are typically the first thing one notices, a planetary yet odd blue that almost flickers if one stares for too long. He has mild facial hair growing down the lower end of his face, fairy thin and rough across his smooth complexion.

Attire/Clothing: Unlike the others of his profession and trade he's not the type to customize beyond upgrading his sense of visual appealement. While typically he wears a partially unzipped black jacket with matching pants and dark blue shoes -- there's a few occassions where he shows up in a flashy tuxedo, typically when he plants to play a big role or be in the spotlight of something big.

Abnormalities: (Scars, piercings, vision impairment etc)

Personality: (How your character is in social events, fighting situations, alone etc. For the most part it is self explanatory. Requires at least 250 words or 2 detailed paragraphs.)
Hobbies: (What hobbies is your character in to? Requires at least 3.)
Likes: (Your characters likes. Requires at least 4.)
Dislikes: (Your characters dislikes. Requires at least 4.)
Inspiration: (What has inspired/motivated your character to become a mage? What is your characters driving power?)
Fears: (What does your character fear? Your character cannot have no fear. Everyone and everything that lives has at least one fear. We need at least 3, one a realistic fear like drowning or blood, the others can be what ever you desire.)

Augment Name: Name of augment
Augment Description: Augments are trait of the character that set him or her apart from other characters. These are a bit more extreme than abnormalities. Augments can be like having animal parts. They could also include things like ambidexterity or Photographic memory. These can also be curses, like turning into a werewolf during the full moon. If these aid in combat, they should be really weak, but if they are plot only, we'll trust that people won't abuse them. You can have as many that apply to your character, but the staff will intervene if someone tries to give their character every augment under the sun.

Starter equipment is available to everyone and anyone. Follow the template for starting equipment here. Starting equipment does not count as magical equipment. They are non holder/re-quip equipment, meaning that these equipment do not have magical properties. Equipment is often used in coalition with your magic, unless you are a re-quip or holder mage.

Three paragraphs minimum of your character's background. Be sure to include how your character became a mage. This is your chance to figure out the characters back story and their motivation for being here. Try to steer clear of extreme drama and trauma. It is WAY too popular and rarely played out well. Talk about how they are handling the world of magic and so on. Must be at least 450 words.


Faceclaim: Character Name - Anime/Manga/Game
Other characters: Please post what other characters you RP on this site. Yes, we know who you are, so you won't have to pretend.


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