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Post by Spitfire on Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:37 am


  • No Banned Magic List - Here at Fairy Tail Delirium we strive to deliver only the most best, fun and free Fairy Tail based anime. Therefore there is no banned magic list, meaning all and every magic you can think of is allowed.

  • Though we don't have a banned magic list the only magic we will absolutely not accept is Life Magic or Death Magic. If you even discuss about how you can make it "work" we will shut you down straight away. All applications found with this magic will be auto-denied.

  • Magic Registration - I would like to put it in a way which gets it effectively through everyones head. WE WILL GRADE MAGIC HARSHLY due to having no banned magic list we expect to see a lot of magic which could be labeled as OP. Thus we will be balancing your magic to how we see fit. So please do not complain when we do, it'll show us that you didn't thoroughly read the rules.

  • Canon Magic - The use of canon magic is allowed. Though Ancient/Lost magic have certain rules that can be found here.


  • Crash Magic
  • Rapture Magic
  • Summoning Magic
  • Illusion Magic
  • World Altering Magic (Gravity, Space, Cosmic etc)
  • Auto Hit Magic
  • Custom Magic
  • Multi Elements

Magic listed above will be judged harshly due to the sheer power one would possess with it. Keep in mind that we will be judging/nerfing magic that are equivalent to those above, so don't get angry at us for preserving the balance.

Be aware that the above rules can change over time or to how we see fit

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Post by Spitfire on Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:52 am


Due to our very unique plot line (if you haven't read it yet then check it here) you will notice that the Dragons do roam. Now this thread isn't directly pointed to Dragons and Dragon Slayer Magic but a fair amount of it is.

For those who don't know what Ancient/Lost Magic is here's a definition of it I grabbed off the wiki.

Lost Magic is a form of Magic that has long been forgotten and is very rare. Knowing a Lost Magic brings one closer to the "source of Magic".


Lost Magic can only be obtainable by doing in character [OLM] threads. OLM is an anagram for Obtainable Lost Magic. Below will be some listed OLM which have been listed to the magics description on the Fairy Tail Wiki (keep in mind that the power of these magic will be reduced greatly due to the plot setting and magic rules of this site):

  • Dragon Slayer Magic (1st Generation)
  • God Slayer
  • Great Tree Arc
  • Arc of Time
  • Maguilty Sense
  • Arc of Embodiment
  • Ushi no Koku Mairi

OLM's pop up and disappear frequently. So first in, first to try to for them. When and where they pop up will be revealed as soon as the thread goes live. This meaning if you would like to obtain it make sure you get there as fast as possible and be prepared for the event



Rank Missions LIMIT
Dragon Slayer None 5 D Rank
1 C Rank
God Slayer C Rank+ 5 D Rank
1 C Rank
Maguilty Sense C Rank+ 3 D Rank
1 C Rank
1 B Rank
Ushi no Koku Mairi C Rank+ 3 D Rank
2 C Rank
1 B Rank (Attempted)
Great Tree Arc C Rank+ 6 D Rank
3 C Rank
1 B Rank (Attempted)
Arc of Embodiment C Rank+ 10 D Rank
5 C Rank
1 B Rank (Attempted)
Arc of Time C Rank+ 10 D Rank
5 C Rank
1 B Rank (Attempted)
OLM's are not easy and and require effort. There are also a few requirements that must be met before being able to begin the search for certain OLM's.

All requirements must be completed before attempting an OLM. The reason for this is because that is the minimize flooding of people who attempt to go for the OLM's.

As you attempt the OLM you will be observed by us admins/moderators to see if your role play skills are worthy to wield the magic.

Be aware that the above rules can change over time or to how we see fit


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Post by Spitfire on Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:52 am


Here, at Fairy Tail: Delirium, we use a specialized system to unlock multiple magics. Three being the maximum.

Three Magic Slots:

So you've made your character. What you don’t know is that you have the potential to attain 3 magics. Everyone has 3 magic slots in which they will be filled depending on your magic. Your first slot is taken by your current magic - your primary. The remaining two slots are locked. To unlock them you must reach the required amount of EXP.

Primary Magic – unlocked upon making your mage.

Secondary Magic – This slot is unlocked upon reaching 5,200 EXP.

Tertiary Magic – This slot is unlocked upon reaching 9,000 EXP.

Magic Purchase: So you've unlocked a magic slot. Congratulations. That doesn't mean you can just make a new magic on the spot, however. Nope, you have to PURCHASE the magic. Magics will come about as books that must be bought and read (reading is assumed upon purchase) in order to learn the magic (with the exception of Dragon Slayers; they will need to be RPed out). Books will cost a certain amount of jewel and vary in cost depending on the power of the magic and the slot cost. You must have enough magic slots to use the magic.


OLM’s, or Lost magic, are a little peculiar. They are peculiar in the sense that they bypass the requirements to unlock your magic slots. There’s a catch though. Why? There’s always a catch. The catch is that these magics take up more than a single magic slot. Some only need two magic slots while others require all three. It depends on the power and advantages of having the magic. How many magic slots an OLM uses will be listed at the bottom of this post.

All OLM’s will use the primary magic slot. Meaning you will have to sacrifice your original magic to acquire the OLM at least temporarily or even permanently.

A better explanation of what's in big red letters is that an OLM will immediately become your primary magic. Meaning it replaces your last magic. If you acquire an OLM before having the extra slots available to open it, your previous magic and spells will be wiped clean. Now, do your OLM spells start at base level? Yes. Any EXP used for your previous spells will be returned to you, however, so you can immediately upgrade your spells to how they were rank-wise.

Go HERE for the rules on OLM magic.

Quaternary+ magics:

At this current point in time having more than three magic slots is impossible. These slots will have to be purchased when it becomes possible or unlocked by some method when they (IF they) do become available.

Multi-Element Magics:

These work as follows. How many elements does your magic use? That's how many slots it uses up. The max being three, of course. You can only choose one to use to start though. When you reach the secondary magic slot requirements, you automatically get the second element. If there's a third element, the same applies there as well only with the tertiary magic unlocked. Example: Storm Magic - Wind, Lightning, and Water. Either one can be the starting/primary magic, then you have to work to unlock the other two elements.

Re-Quip and Celestial Spirit Magic:

These magics are multi-elemental already, but they get to by-pass the rule. The fact that they must do twice as many missions as you to buy sets of armor and keys is the first reason we allow the bypass. The cost to that is that both magics take up two magic slots and the users of these magics can't use another type of magic until they reach the tertiary slot requirements.

Starting with Re-Quip or Celestial Spirit magic, like certain OLM's, fill up two slots; therefore when the secondary magic slot is opened, it is automatically filled. Any form of summoning magic will be treated the same as Celestial spirit magic and cost two magic slots.

OLM slot usage:

Dragon slayer magic: 2 magic slots
God Slayer magic: 3 magic slots
Maguilty Sense: 2 magic slots
Ushi no koku mairi: 3 magic slots
Great tree arc: 3 magic slots
Arc of embodiment: 3 magic slots
Arc of time: 2 magic slots

Note: Any magic not mentioned on this list takes up a single magic slot.


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