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Post by Heero Villenn on Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:24 am

The Give & Take System

  1. No Auto-Hits: That is basic God-Modding. Hits NEVER hit automatically. I don’t think I need to go to into detail on this but this is our rule Number One.

  2. Give and Take: This is basic roleplay. You hit your opponent and you get hit. You lose sometimes and you win sometimes. Faster attacks will hit slower opponents. We will use some basic logic when fighting and without augments everyone will run at 10 mph to start. Speed augments will increase your speed up to 10 mph. Power is based off of sigils and rank.

  3. Disadvantage: Admitting when you’re at a disadvantage is a major part of this, A b-rank mage is going to have a disadvantage against an S-rank mage. C-rank mages shouldn't be beating S-rank mages often. In the end it’s a matter of rp skill.

  4. No post editing: NEVER EDIT YOUR POSTS IN A FIGHT! We simply won’t allow it. If you make a mistake, you made a mistake. Move on and continue the fight. If this were the anime you wouldn't get a do-over. Don’t make me remind you.

  5. No troll killing: We will protect our users. If you attack our members and try to kill them without justification we’ll null the thread and penalize the troll killer in EXP and in Jewel. Multiple cases of troll killing we’ll lead to banning.

  6. No time traveling: Time-Traveling is an RP term where a player will react before the opponents attacks, and does so in a thread after the opponent has attacked. Roleplaying actions must go with the flow of combat. Every action calls for a reaction, but you cannot add actions before your opponent's actions.

  7. No changing actions: Remember that what you do in a previous post cannot be undone. This is a form of god-modding. DON’T DO IT!

  8. One to Two spell limit: Keep the number of spells you use to two per post. Why? Every action takes time. Casting the spell takes up time and so does resolving the spell. Also it helps controlling time traveling and action changes. You may, however, cast three spells with permission from all other combatants.

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