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Marik Swift

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Marik Swift

Post by Marik Swift on Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:37 am

___________❊ MARIK SWIFT ❊___________

"♥ eww. sugar, you better to put on some more clothes or ill be tempted to get handsy ♥"

Nickname(s): (Self explanatory)
Age: Twenty-Three [23]
Sex: Male
Birthday: (Day/Month/Year)
Sexuality: Bi-curious
Affiliation: Neutral Mage
Rank: D

Guild: Sable Pantera
Guild Tattoo: Marik's Sable Pantera guild tattoo is located on the upper right side of his pelvis. Because of its location most people fail to identify as a member of the guild, which actually is his intention. The tattoo is in a good enough position thought for people to see about half of it though if he was wearing jeans, pants, etc. The tattoo instead of Sable Pantera's traditional dark red is a dark shade of purple called mauve

Physical Characteristics: (Body physique, include weight, height, body type, body build, mannerisms, hair color, eyes color, etc. Requires at least 200 words)
Attire/Clothing: (What clothing/attire does your character sport? Requires at least 150 words.)
Abnormalities: (Scars, piercings, vision impairment etc)

The first thing most people gather from Ren from a first glance is that he is just a bit goofy, unprofessional, and quite stupid. Later, after really getting to know him, most find out that they were completely under that intentional goofy and unprofessional behavior, he is in fact extremely intelligence and professional. Occasionally, some people pick up on his goofy behavior as just a act by his very aura; a aura that has been commented to be quite cynical and extreme intelligence. His intelligence doesn't just stick to one trade, but applies to practically any task or environment he is in, making him a perfect definition of a jack of all trade. He can be put to work in a field or office filled with professionals who practice some profession for and entire lifetime and quickly adept and be just as good, or slightly better or worst than those group of professionals. The only thing that has kept him from working in higher possession is simply his nonchalance and seeking to live not too much of a stressful life as he has a moral of living life to the fullest. He has actually be nominated and offered many high standard possessions to the point that he has been begged to take up to task, to which he would only reply by saying things like he doesn't think he can handle the responsibility or such, even when he, and everyone else knows that he is practically over competent for the position(s).

One of Ren's worst traits by far would be the fact that he is a bit of a pervert. Looking at him, most people would find it completely hard to believe giving how much etiquette and professionalism he gives aura by the way he carries him. Even if a person believes in the saying of not judging a book by its cover, they'd still find it hard to believe in fact. But in spite of physical appearance, and his personality--when he's not being a pervert--he, much like everyone in this world, is not perfect in the slightest. He isn't the type of pervert who has a stack of porno magazines as he sees those as just material which he can't actually get his hands on, as well as that he's not the type of pervert who makes it a daily task to go out and try to look into a woman's bath. He has a extremely sexually oriented mind set, where he would insert sexual topics into practically anything for no reason other than for just his own personal interest. The worst trait of his perversion is how extremely hands on he can be with others, so to speak. He can save a person from a burning building, while even in such a life and death situation, he would touch the person inappropriately while carrying them. This hands on before is mostly a quirk, as he has made it quite a habit to sneak up behind someone, using his remarkable stealth, and surprising them by touch them, or deciding to give them a kiss on the cheek. His perverse acts are mainly directed at women, but following how playful he can be, doing it on another guy is something he will, and have done, before for the fun of it. This has lead many to question his sexuality, which currently remains simply bisexual. Men are bound to find his antics annoying if they don't share his views on sexuality, which would in turn get him hit by friends, and often cause disputes with people he may not know. For women, most women have met so far actually doesn't mind it, be it prostitute or whatever, as they find him good looking, and would find his straightforwardness admiral enough--which would explain his occasional nightly 'flings'. When doing his perverse acts, a admiral trait is the fact that he does it with some form of professionalism, passing it all off as something casual--meaning he doesn't act all lusty or anything of the sort, as he actually sees it as being friendly, or simply fun.

Some that most people have stated once meeting Ren is the fact that he seems like he was bond in the wrong timeline. To most people, even though he doesn't very much look it, he acts a lot like he has been a couple hundred years too late. That isn't to say that his house is some kind of shrine for history, like a museum, but he has a very vast liking for researching all forms of history. Most of his liking are also for old timed thing, such as he likes listening old music, old jutsu, old food, etc. He himself was the first person to point it out as he has admitted it would be fun to have been born about five hundred to one thousand years ago. His liking for historical features explains a lot of his behavior in present life, from the way he acts, down to the way he walks, and sometimes how he dresses.
Hobbies: (What hobbies is your character in to? Requires at least 3.)

  • Chatting/conversation
  • Teasing/fooling others
  • Relaxation
  • Tinkering/fondling (both with gadgets and with others)
  • The Guild Leader
  • Fooling around with the Guild Leader
  • Reading & writing
  • Naps
  • Nature
  • Long walks
  • The Guild Leader's bed (godlike comfort)
  • Chaos
  • Fine wine/liquor
  • History and old things
  • Smoking


  • Complete 'kill joys'
  • Overeating
  • Discrimination
  • Too much authority
  • Being serious
  • Too many tedious tasks

Inspiration: While some people would find some reason, some motive to becoming a mage, Marik has no such things for himself. Following his nonchalance, he simply became a mage because he realized that he had a 'knack' for it since he was young and finger he would pursued it further. He doesn't care for being the strongest mage, he doesn't care for protecting or revenging something dear, he simply just finds the entire thought of being a mage a bit intriguing--which in turn would have some people say his inspiration might be curiosity as to how magic works.
    World without women
    Living forever

Augment Name: Semi-Photographic Memory
Augment Description: Augments are trait of the character that set him or her apart from other characters. These are a bit more extreme than abnormalities. Augments can be like having animal parts. They could also include things like ambidexterity or Photographic memory. These can also be curses, like turning into a werewolf during the full moon. If these aid in combat, they should be really weak, but if they are plot only, we'll trust that people won't abuse them. You can have as many that apply to your character, but the staff will intervene if someone tries to give their character every augment under the sun.

Starter equipment is available to everyone and anyone. Follow the template for starting equipment here. Starting equipment does not count as magical equipment. They are non holder/re-quip equipment, meaning that these equipment do not have magical properties. Equipment is often used in coalition with your magic, unless you are a re-quip or holder mage.

Not much is to be said about Marik's life before the present. His birth was nothing special as he was born on November 23rd to too middle standard parents.


Faceclaim: Character Heiwa - Durarara
Other characters: N/A

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Marik Swift
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Re: Marik Swift

Post by Heero Villenn on Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:56 am

This is a heads up but Gilgamesh is a taken faceclaim. Please change your faceclaim (assumed based on pic).

If your are unsure as to what faceclaims are taken or not please look at the faceclaim list.

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Re: Marik Swift

Post by Marik Swift on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:06 am

Thanks for the heads up, will do.
Marik Swift
Marik Swift

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Re: Marik Swift

Post by Marik Swift on Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:44 am

Mm, can't use a custom template ehh. -frowns-
Marik Swift
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Re: Marik Swift

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