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Nightlock [AU Hunger Games]

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Nightlock [AU Hunger Games]

Post by NL admin on Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:47 pm

Welcome, welcome!

Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor! As of now, President Snow is our most devout President only looking out for the well-being of the nation. Panem hasn’t had a rebellion in seventy five years when the government was forced to take full control. For the best interests of all our citizens we’ve designated countries, herein known as Districts to keep people at their best and growing up to be a proud citizen, regardless of where they were born. We have created The Hunger Games to show The Capitol that we are forever grateful and indebted to them for coming to the rescue in our time of need. At least, that is what the privileged citizens say when conversing with other Capitolites.

The District citizens of Panem may have a slightly different story; more gruesome and closer to the truth than any other. In many Districts you will see much of death and depression. There will be hardships that you thought you’d never have to face or would want your children to face in a lifetime. Some Districts are a place where The Capitol rules with an iron fist. You don’t get to see the beautiful wonders of the city or go to a make up artist so they can make you look [s]less human[/s] beautiful. No. Here, most people kick it in the slums hoping one day that they will be able to live there lives forever free. Some of course, for example merchant children, have slightly more privileged lives than those who work the laborious jobs like in the coal mines, on fishing boats, tending to farms or cattle. Other Districts however are held in a different light; a higher light to The Capitol. Most of their people are eligible to be picked by the President himself to become peacekeepers and get out of the Districts once and for all.

Getting picked as a Tribute isn’t anything short of glorious, either. You are thrown in to an arena of twenty four children ranging from ages twelve to eighteen. The small hope you have is that none of them slaughter you before you can do the same to them. The prize is a hefty one; having all the food and money you need for two lifetimes. The small price you must pay is taking innocent lives of all the other children that are reaped no matter how young or old. At the end you become a Victor; someone looked upon in the shining bright lights (t might just seem to some that have won that you are famous because you are a mass murderer). But the fun doesn’t end there; for each year that follows you get to mentor the next two children, a boy and a girl, that are reaped from your District. Their lives are in your hands to train them and make sure they survive. Of course not everyone comes out alive so two more killings may surround you. But what chance did you really have? There are the Districts who train their tributes for their entire lives. Even though it is illegal, somehow The Capitol turns its head away in the other direction.

The Districts aren’t all bad though; you can still make friends and go to school until you're old enough to start trying to make a living. There is always the peace of mind if the peacekeepers aren’t watching you can sneak out beyond the fence and actually talk to people from the other districts - but only if you are daring enough. Sometimes you get lucky and are able to get away for a day, but other times you get caught… And let's just say you don’t want to get caught. It’s a risk one may or may not be willing to take but the sweet scent of freedom, even if just for a little while can be all too tempting.

There is a District Thirteen, thought to have been nuked away by The Capitol for trying to hold an uprising. But... Once you think you’ve died in The Games they bring you back. They take you to District Thirteen for, shall we say, experiments. The Capitol erases your memories and sends you to different Districts to be spies for the government or is it just to mess with the citizens of Panem?

Have you ever wondered why The Outskirts are protected so securely? It's because The Capitol's government has a nationwide system of transportation networks beyond the boundaries of each District. This is how the people of D-13 travel around Panem. How else would they be able to get to there destinations in the Districts unseen? These networks are called Halo's all you have to do is walk into one. They can look like anything. A patch of grass, a dip in the dirt road. The trouble is finding your way back to your District before you get caught on the other side. The citizens of D-13 know where all the Halo's are located by implanted memories.

You can never be too safe when up holding a dictatorship… Oh wait, a democracy. Do you think you can survive in this dog eat dog world?

NL admin

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