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A new day dawns

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A new day dawns Empty A new day dawns

Post by Xion on Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:28 pm

The morning was still young as Xion walked back into town, his scythe attached to his back by a series of straps, causing it to jingle jangle as he walked along the path into town. His face was plastered in a smile, looking around at the town he thought of as his second home. There was nothing better than coming home, whether it be actually home with his parents in Pelistine or back to HQ here. He'd come and check in at the council itself later, but for now he might as well pay a little bit of attention to the town. He continued walking, and noticed that people were smiling on the streets. This was reassuring, but the sheer fact that everyone was smiling was a little bit unnerving. What could cause such widespread happiness? Maybe something had happened in the town centre, someone returning home perhaps? He knew it wouldn't be for him, being as unknown as he was, but maybe this would give him something to do in the town whilst he was home.

As he walked through the streets, a little kid that he remembered from an earlier case ran out of his house calling his name, or rather his pseudonym
"CALAMITY!!" Xion smiled and picked the boy up, hugging him reassuringly. The boy laughed, and as Xion saw the boy's parents he nodded and waved with his free hand. They waved back, smiles on their face. Although it wasn't the town that was happy about him coming home, it was nice to see that there was someone who was.
"How've ya been, little man?"
"Mom and Dad say that I'm going to be fine now that I had treatment, thanks to you." Xion ruffled the boy's hair affectionately
"Good to hear, kiddo."

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A new day dawns Empty Re: A new day dawns

Post by Hikaru Nakamura on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:09 am

Kei was in a strange get up , or thats atleast what most people thought. Kei didn't enjoy to walk around in the open with such a strange outfit, so he had been avoiding the main roads and had been lurking through shortcuts, ally waysm and anything that stayed away fromthe main rode. He was moving in the forest rather then around people. Most people if they saw a strange get up like this they would be a bit curious. Kei was taking slow steps observing and taking in Era since it was his second time being her since he was a child. He looked at the many people in town smiling, looking as if they were happy about something. Kei continued to walk through the forest as he creeped around. He looked to see if there was anything interesting then he found a councilman. He wondered what was the criteria, this guy didn't look older then Kei like most people and he seemed a bit joyful scuffling a kids hair. Kei looked at him briefly observing this. The child seemed to be with parents and Kei remembered how his father held him that way. Kei froze thinking about how his father use to treat him like that, though Kei was still at a loss about his past, he had not remember much up to this point. He only knew that he had magic. Kei looked at the blond male for a brief moment more. He looked at the parents from the bush and tried to keep stealthy, watching this councilman. Kei was observing him, observing what he does . After being knocked down you remember a few things, but Kei felt this guy was someone to take a note of. He looked like he was strong, if he wasn't strong he for sure looked like he had potential to be strong, and this was something Kei admired. Though as he crept he stepped on a piece of wood while in the forest, Kei flinched, not being able to be seen behind that mast no one would notice he flinched. Though he was pretty sure that he had been compromised and people might think that he is some type of creeper. Especially if your wearing a black coat with a mask.
Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru Nakamura

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A new day dawns Empty Re: A new day dawns

Post by Xion on Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:48 pm

Somewhere behind him, Xion's trained ears heard the sound of a branch cracking underfoot, That was not a good sign, it meant that there was someone there, and since he couldn't hear any footsteps in that direction, it meant that they weren't continuing to walk towards them, showing that it wasn't a coincidence that the noise came from that area. For the first time in a little while, Xion's hairs pricked up on the back of his neck, making him seem absolutely certain that there was someone, someone he didn't know, watching him. Although the world continued as it normally did, Xion no longer seemed to be paying attention to his friends, and turned around so that he had Kei in the corner of his vision, enough to see him but not enough to let Kei know that he was being watched unless he had some kind of detection magic.

Slowly putting Jak down, he shook the boy's parents hands before seeming to walk away, giving the impression that he hadn't noticed anything.
"Sorry kiddo, I've got work. Let's play another time, alright?" He called out kindly over his shoulder, to cries of affirmation from Jak. It truly seemed to everyone apart from Xion that he was actually planning on leaving and going back to work. Of course, with the knowledge that someone was stalking him, that sure as hell was not the case. The moment he walked out of range of Kei's sight, he gripped a pole that went up onto the gutter systems, wrapping his legs around it and climbing up until he got to roof level, looking down upon the forest silently. It wasn't clear under the foliage, but he got a glancing view of the man who had been stalking him. The man was wearing a black cloak and a bright orange mask... that was a little bit odd. He never expected someone to be sneaking around in something that made him so obvious. It was weird... why would someone try to be sneaky and then wear something so eye-catching? Whether the man was dumb or if it was some kind of clever strategy he didn't know, maybe he didn't want to know, but now he wanted to know what Kei would do. After all, why was he being stalked? He hadn't shown any signs of being a member of the council, and it wasn't well known that he was Calamity, the man who dealt with situations few would be willing to. There had to be a reason behind it, and he wanted to find out what that reason was.

"Your move, mask-boy." he whispered quietly, hiding behind the chimney pot.

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A new day dawns Empty Re: A new day dawns

Post by Sponsored content

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