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Post by Spitfire on Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:48 pm


A bounty, in short, is how much money is on your characters head. How much money on your head directly influences your characters interaction with the opposing mage group (Dark Mages and Light Mages). This is fun but also important so make sure you follow these rules.

  • All bounty's will be overseen by a staff member, seeing how it deals with characters that do not belong to two parties. One can request for a admin/staff member to intervene if needed be.

  • Only high rank mages can put a bounty on your head. This means, the Head of the Council, the king of Fiore, and Dark guildmasters and maybe S-rank Mages with a very hi authority in their realm of affiliation(light and dark mages) can place a bounty.

  • Neutral Mages can have a bounty on their heads but can’t place a bounty. Same goes for neutral guilds as you don’t have political authority to place a bounty.

  • If your bounty is off the charts, death will be enabled in all your threads with opposing mage group. This further progresses your character.

  • When requesting a bounty, you must give a VERY legitimate reason as to why there should be a bounty on their heads. A personal matter IC and no OOC reasons will be allowed. The mage you request a bounty for also must be of the same rank or higher.

  • NO METAGAMING! Perhaps someone is a threat to good or evil or whatever side you’re on. I don’t care that doesn’t mean you can metagame. You can still put a bounty on their head under the name of an alias. Perhaps he’s the “Red shadow” or something and he’s been stealing. You still don’t know who the “Red Shadow” is actually. Therefore whoever the “Red Shadow” actually is will be kept from public(IC) knowledge and interaction with his character will be protected no matter what his bounty is(so long as he can keep up the disguise).

  • Bounty's will usually start low and work up but it is possible for bounties to spike and start at a higher rank. This is usually very difficult however

Light Mage Bounty System

C-class(10,000 J. to 100,000 J.) – You really haven’t done anything to hinder the forces of evil. At most you set their plans back a day once or twice. The use of force to intimidate has been permitted.

B-Class(100,001 J. to 1,000,000 J.) – You’re a pest and you’re in the way. You've actually done something that sets back their plans, causes them to lose money, or got one or two of them arrested. Whatever the circumstances are, they know who you are and they don't like who you are either.

A-class(1,000,001 J. to 30,000,000 J.) – You have been a direct threat to the organization that has put a bounty on your head. Don't get caught alone in a dark ally, it might get you killed.

S-Class(30,000,000+ J.) – You’re name is all over the blackmarket. Either this organization really wants you dead and has a piss load of cash to pay to make you go away or the entire criminal underworld wants you dead. Death is enabled with all threads involving Dark Mages.

Dark Mage Bounty System

C-class bounty(10,000 J. to 100,000 J.) – Your criminal activity is low level and the local authorities can probably deal with you on their own. The worst you’ve done is petty thievery or vandalism. Please and you call yourself evil? You’re nothing more than a punk.

B-class bounty(100,001 J. to 1,000,000 J.) – Congratulations! You robbed a bank(or something thereof). The police(or national guards or whatever) are now actively searching for you, however laying low for a while will keep you safe. Your name is somewhat known but you’re able to remain incognito.

A-class bounty(1,000,001 J. to 30,000,000 J.) – Did you just slaughter an entire city? You’re now one of the most wanted people in Fiore now. Laying low for a short while won’t save you. They want to put you in jail. Should you get caught though, playing the right cards will save your life and you can escape from prison later. (DEATH NOT ENABLED)

S-class bounty(30,000,001+ J.) – You’re attempting to take over/destroy/drive into chaos the entire world. You’re now wanted dead or alive. You have done something so unfathomable that your life is now forfeit. Other organizations in the black market might even be hunting you now for their own personal gain. You’re the baddest of the bad and you’re the Councils top priority. Expect former allies to turn against you for the sake of cash(or their own skin) DEATH ENABLED IN ALL THREADS!

How to Request Bounty's

All guilds besides from neutral guilds will be able to request bounty's. In all of the guilds there is a bounty board in which one can request a bounty and take one up.

Be aware that the above rules can change over time or to how we see fit

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