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The Black Sheep [Mission]

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The Black Sheep [Mission] Empty The Black Sheep [Mission]

Post by Chris on Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:59 am

Upon receiving a mail from an unknown number, Chris went to the meeting place where he’s requested to come. It’s a mission and he’s alone but he already have a hunch on who it may be. He’s on his daily uniform with equipments and weapons all set. He did not took the mail carelessly because there’s still the possibility that his contact might turn out to be someone with a not so good relationship with him but still, he heads to the location. An abandoned warehouse by the docks with no visible people around. He felt a bit of caution thinking this might be some form of ambush. Just a little bit. He entered the warehouse careful with the surrounding. There’s no enough lighting to be able to see who and what’s inside and a she walk further, the large door shuts and so the blinds up on the rusty windows of the place. Chris then felt presence of men in pitch black and he knows where they are and a second after, the lights turned on.

"So you’ve come. Chris Heavenknight of Sable Pantera. Welcome to my... not so well decorated office. There’s no need for that. Leave it be and lets get down to our business, shall we?" Chris was welcomed.

Rubel, the black marketer, suddenly appeared in the middle of the warehouse sitting with his hands on his office desk the same time the light switched on. Chris got a little bit blinded by the sudden opening of lighting but what he did is understandable. He’s currently pointing his guns towards Rubel’s men whom were having the same feeling as him. The light opened with them pointing weapons at each other but just like what Rubel said, there’s no need for that. They’re not here to fight. Chris withdraw his weapon and put it back to the holster why Rubel’s men went to their position.

“What is this about, Rubel?" Straight to the point. Chris asked what will be the deal.

“A job. Do you mind?” A very playful answer of Rubel was given to Chris but none of them were kids to play around. Chris asked once more but he’s not annoyed or what. He just want to get things done as fast as he could. “Do you mind what? I’m already here…” “Of course. You see… I already got a good impression of you. You’re able to get things…” “So… what’s this about?” Chris cut short Rubel but not on a rude way. He’s more curious than anything. “…quite faster than most of my men. Here…take a look. I want you to look for my informant. As usual, he’s not around and he’s been missing for some quite time now. Worry not. He’s alive alright. What I’m asking you is simple. Find him and take him back here. Immediately.” “A kid?” Asking if it was a joke or something but Rubel remained straight now.

“Yes. A kid. A rather unique kid with a very special personality. Find him. Shouldn’t be hard for you…” “Won’t be… that hard.” Chris did felt a little bit disappointed that he’d be looking for a kid. But either way, he made his mind that he’ll do it. Such a waste of time to say no.

Word Count: 545 / 2500

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The Black Sheep [Mission] Empty Re: The Black Sheep [Mission]

Post by Chris on Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:18 am

“Now, don’t get over yourself because its just a kid. I worry you might get a little stressed. Take him here before nightfall. He’s last spotted at the windmills. Go.” Along with a small picture of the informant, the kid he was tasked to look for, Chris left then heads toward the windmills of the city. He remembered Rubel's instruction though. Its at the eastern part, not that close, of the city. Chris did not waste his time as he’s the type to get things done as fast as possible. It’s a mere kid and he thinks it would be easier than finding a lost cat in the woods.

“Lamborghini… now where would this kid be?”

It did not took more than half an hour for Chris to reach the eastern part of Falcon City and just by the next hundred of meters lies the windmills but he has to be cautious. As beautiful as the windmills appears to be, what surrounds it is not of a good sight. Full of hoodlums, slums and other settlers whom have taken the place as their home. Why would the informant he’s looking for went on such place? Chris did not waste time and started to look at the place. It won’t be easy since first, the place is large and second, the people are not that friendly. They might get the wrong impression and just jump on Chris simply because he’s from the inside of the city. But there’s no time to waste on being distracted about the place so he resumed looking for Lamborghini and it’s the only thing inside his mind that moment. Though he did not ask any of those people around a first since like them, he, too, feels distant and wary. He scouts the place while looking at each of the young ones who possible be Lamborghini. He should not miss at all since the kid is rather… unique just like what Rubel told. And so far, none appears to resemble him but that’s only on the early minutes of his scouting. Up until he came across an old man.

“Good day… mister. Have you seen this kid?”, Chris asked and showed the picture on the same time. He still carry a disappointed orientation but to his best, it wasn't shown. There’s not much of a choice since the old man was the only one generous enough to stay where he was. The others… they simple keep distance from Chris and that really annoyed him but not by much.

“That kid? Hmmm That kid is Lambo. Of course I see him. But my tongue refuses to say anything… I think I’m…” “Okay… here.” Chris handed the old man something worthy enough for him to give him the information that he needs. But that’s it. The old man do that again, it will definitely hit Chris. “I think I’m good… so where are we again? Oh where’s Lambo? Alright...” It appears that the old man is thinking what he’s going to say next.

“Is there something wrong old man?”
“Yeah… what is this hulk guy doing here? Asking questions…”
“Check out his guns… nothing compared to Lambo’s!”
“Lemme see! Lemme see! Yeah! Nothing compared to mine…“

Youngsters appeared from behind. And one of them is Lamborghini.

Word Count: 548 / 2500 (1093)
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The Black Sheep [Mission] Empty Re: The Black Sheep [Mission]

Post by Chris on Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:25 pm

Chris was in the middle of asking information from an old man about the person he’s looking. Though he first thought that the old man was just making things up and it appears he’s just being stalled. He was being patient and a couple more of seconds, he might have gone over the impatient level but there’s no need for that not so good temper. Around the same time, few youngsters, not away from Chris age, more like teenagers, appeared and gets involved with Chris and the old man, Chris felt it was his lucky day. One of the youngsters who arrived was Lamborghini.

“Oh! Lambo! This man is looking for you.”, the old man announced. It was indeed Lambo and as he turn around, the youngsters were simply looking at Chris’ very own guns. It did not bother him as they make fun out of it but he’s here for the informant. “You are Lamborghini, correct? Come.” Asking the young informant nicely is what Chris did. More than anything, the way he asked Lamborghini was rather straight but not something one would get scared off but it appears that the other side of just happen to get the wrong impression. “Oh… shit Lambo! He’s here for you like the others!” “Ohmee! He’s after me!”, the youngsters panicked. “Yes…?!”, Chris answered thoughtlessly as he thought that they were just assessing what was his motive for looking for Lamborghini. He was wrong since they’re basically freaking out and warning each other alright. “You won’t get Lambo! You have to get through me!” “Lambo! Run!” the young ones acted rather unexpectedly. “Wait. No. I –" Chris was cut short as the crown immediately scattered leaving him still and a just recently thrown grenade. “Shit!” The grenade explodes. Thankfully, Chris was able to jump sidewards away from the explosion far enough to cover himself from pile of broken posts. It did hurt him a bit nor his internals did bleed. Its something not to take lightly but for now, getting the informant seems to be a bigger mess. They had flocked away. Chris stood up and shrugs what happened but his body knows he was affected by the explosion. He felt a bit dizzy. He followed where the young ones went.

The sudden explosion did alarmed those who are around and that even hinders Chris search since more by standers were on the way. Chris runs and bumping with the people around can’t be avoided. He was keenly looking at every angle of the streets and not from where he was, he spotted Lamborghini and his friends. “Hey! Lamborgh… Lambo! Hold it!” Chris closes the distance and the moment he’s just about to take one long jump and dive towards Lambo, one of his friend stopped and confronted Chris. Ahead him is a baseball bat coming on a full swing. He draw his gun and was going to shoot the man but it came to him that they were mere kids. Teenagers at best so killing them was not an option for Chris. “Get out of my way kid!” He just redirected the attack away though even if the attacker was just a kid, the attack was strong. Chris felt that but he has no choice. He threw the kid towards the pile of garbage and resume going after Lamborghini. The next thing he’s about to face is another to watch out for. A rocket launcher. Just a rocket launcher. But obvious self made.

Word Count: 581 / 2500 (1674)
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The Black Sheep [Mission] Empty Re: The Black Sheep [Mission]

Post by Chris on Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:34 pm

Things turned out rather unexpectedly as following events caught Chris on surprise. At close range, Chris had to evade a rocket launcher coming straight at him. He did dodged it. Its good thing that he was already leaning with on of his legs to the side by that time and that with just a small but immediate reaction with his lower body, he was able to pull himself out of the rocket’s path. Compared to the toys of big boys, Lamborghini’s seems to be slower. When slowed in motion, Chris was glancing to his side as the rocket pass by. He was not blinking and was clearly looking at it and by the time is pass through with only smoke left in front of his eyes, time seems to went back to normal and with rush of adrenaline, things became faster. He was able to jump away but was caught with the explosion as it was not far from where he is and so with other people too. Chris did not stop though. He stood up once again and resumed chasing down the informant.

The street became more disorganized but the chase did not stop. So as with the rain of fire coming from Lamborghini’s weapons. Chris runs over bunch of disoriented people too caught up in the middle of strafing bullets. He only got one objective and that is to catch the informant as fast as possible since with the ruckus they were making, its really a big of mess. It did not made Chris blinded with his own goal though. As he runs, dodges and evades the bullets coming to him, he only not move himself out from harms way but also those men, women and little kids getting on his way and the bullet’s way. One nearly getting hit if Chris did not pushed her towards unpacked tent. Another nearly getting caught on staggering crowd. With all actions, he got closer to Lamborghini.

Over a corner, Chris followed the young informant together with the remains of his friends. They’re not cornered but more like got an upper hand as they reach a dead-end but well fortified alleys full of tires and bags of sand. Its their base. “Alright Lamborghini… Lambo. We need to talk…” Chris stopped at the edge of the alley before entering it as he try to talk things out. He put both of his hand in air and slowly walk forward. “Just talk. No need for violence kids. I just need Lamborghini for a bit. Important mat…" "-No shiiit!" "ters.” Chris was welcomed with rain of fire. Not real firearms like the one he’s using but still with firepower enough to harm whoever gets hit. Nearly as painful as a real gunshot but with visible damage to only but a paint gun. Nothing serious but sure is painful.

Without no other choice other than going straight towards the rain of fire, Chris threw himself forward. He jumped and went for some cover but the drum he’s hiding at won’t bear more damage and once again, he heard clanks of thrown grenade. Chris reacted almost immediately and went to the other side using large trash bins as cover for next. “Shit… this kids!” He was hit on his left leg and left arm while doing so but fortunately, he came up with a plan. He stick both of his feet tightly on the ground and with enormous amount of strength, he pushed the large trash bin towards Lamborghini’s and his friend’s base. It crashed but not enough to permanently harm the kids. Chris was just starting.

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The Black Sheep [Mission] Empty Re: The Black Sheep [Mission]

Post by Chris on Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:47 am

On the course of having the large trash bin crash towards the base of the youngsters, Chris used the opportunity to approach in order to get Lambo. Talking is useless so he need to retaliate with his very own arms but he, himself, knows that he must not go far since they were simply kids. His age is really not far but he’s quite mature already. He immediately runs sideways back to his initial position the first time he reach the youngster’s base and from there, he rushed forwards.

There were molotovs thrown towards Chris but he was able to dodge it and its initial explosions. It caused large flames though so instead of just going straight, Chris suddenly hopped sidewards and use the vertical wall as a foothold and he run upwards. It was a sudden and quick movement so he was able to run on the wall. Several molotovs were following him as the youngsters continuously threw it towards him but he just moved faster than he used to earlier. He did not climb the wall further and just jumps off the wall to the other side intending to land to the crashed trash bin which is close to where the youngsters and Lamborghini is. He landed fine and the first to come towards him as he stand up is a swing of a metal bat from a youngster. One of Lamborghini’s friend.

“Stop!”, Chris shouts with the veins on his neck revealed. He caught the bat with his right hand. He anticipated the strike and with his right hand facing outwards and reversed, he caught the bat with sufficient care and timing so he was not hurt at all. He just grabbed the bat and tried to shake the one holding it but as he do so, another one attacked from the crashed trash bin and part of their base. He did not look back but simply pulled the bat towards the second attacker’s direction. Given than the first one is still firmly holding into the weapon, what Chris was intending is for the two youngsters to hit each other. They did. They got hurt. He tried to be as gentle as possible.

Chris has just taken care of the remaining friend of Lambo and there’s no more left to prevent him from doing his task. He did not get rid of the youngsters and its more like knocked them down indirectly as possible. “Hey Lamborghini! I…” He tried to talk to the young informant but he’s still resisting Chris’ advancement. He fired his own rpg once again but around this time, it was fired upwards and Chris had enough time to react to it. He just let it pass and did a minimum amount of evasion but trying to prevent Lambo from using his weapons again, he forcefully grabbed the weapon and threw it away. “Enough with your toys! Now come with me. Rubel has something to ask you!” “Rubel? You mean you’re not from the other group? Okay! Just don’t kill me!” Lamborghini agrees to go with Chris. He appeared to be afraid of Chris and that might be one of the reasons why he was able to convinced Lamborghini to go with him almost immediately after their confrontation. If he had just mentioned Rubel’s name, since they appear to be In good terms, the ruckus happened might have avoided.


“Argh! What the… Aw!” Chris was repeatedly shot by Lamborghini with his another self made gun for as he take the informant back to Rubel’s office. “That’s for hurting Ichitsuji! Nihitsuji and Sanhitsuji! And another one for destroying our base! And another one for… just another one.”

[Bang… bang… bang…] [Bam]

“Welcome back Chris. I see that you were able to find Lamborghini… quite fast as expected. Though I wouldn’t ask more of how easy it was for you. Or should I say quite difficult? You appear to be in need of medical attention! And Lambo, too! I did not thought you would strike him. He’s just a kid! Either way… well done. Looking forward to work with you again some other time…”

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The Black Sheep [Mission] Empty Re: The Black Sheep [Mission]

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