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Devron Grimm

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Devron Grimm Empty Devron Grimm

Post by Grimm on Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:41 am

___________ Devron Grimm ___________

Devron Grimm Grimmbanner-1

"Come take a walk on the wild side, let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain. 'Cause you and me we were born to die."

Nickname(s): Devy (Only those extremely close)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1/1/X367
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation: Dark Mage
Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Obscura Fabula
Guild Tattoo: The nape of his neck.

Devron Grimm Appearancenatsu

Devron Grimm HijikataToushirou6001271629Devron Grimm JasperIconDevron Grimm HijikataToushirou6001243346Devron Grimm HijikataToushirou6001067689

Hair: His dark brown hair is a bit longer, messy, and often times dangling halfway down his ears and well past his eyebrows. However he pushes his bangs to the side.
Eyes: Bright Blue, some what squinted.
Devron Grimm is what most men strive to be.

At first, he may not seem like the biggest guy you’ll come across. However, every inch of his body is toned and fit perfectly. Luckily for him, he has a considerably high metabolism, which allows him to eat whatever he’d like and not gain a single pound. Devron works out regularly to keep his fit tone, usually three times a week at most. Whenever he’s in battle, he typically doesn’t sweat a lot. Devron only sweats on his brow and a bit underneath the arms, nothing too drastic. He has rather fair skin that is velvety smooth, and doesn’t rough up much. Even in battle he doesn’t bruise too easily.

Devron has long, untamed, brown that swoops to the side his face. He doesn’t use any kind of styling gel, just the use of his hand whenever he gets out of the shower. His messy brown hair matches perfectly with the pair of brightest blue eyes a person can have. He’s been told countless times that people have gotten lost while starring into his mesmerizing eyes. They are typically relaxed and inviting, until something angers or frustrates him. Then they become rugged and hard, just how a man should have them. You can tell anything you’ll need to know by looking into his eyes. His lips are like roses, gentle and pleasurable.

Devon has a rather strong voice that is masculine and powerful. It’s securing and trustworthy, yet can be intimidating and come across as cold. His laughter is contagious, loud and boisterous. Those around quickly laugh along with him, even if they don’t find the subject humorous.

Attire/Clothing: Devron Grimm typically wears the same attire more than once, but has been known to change clothes every now and then. He typically sticks to a navy blue jacket that is tailored to his sleek body. Since he’s such a heartthrob, it’s only natural that Devron keeps the jacket open, revealing his tone torso to the world through his button down shirts. He wears a pair of matching pants to accompany the jacket. They are a bit loose to allow for wiggle room and breathing down in that area.

Whenever he walks, he usually shoves both hands deep into his well trimmed pant pockets, and carries his head high. On left arm he has a silver watch to tell the time, something his father gave to him at a young age. The mage is often times known to have his signature a pack of cigarettes around with him, puffing on the smoke between his lips.

Abnormalities: Devron Grimm has a scar from a blade across his left pectoral muscle, and has a burn mark on the back side of his left hand.

Devron Grimm Personalucy


Devron’s personality can be a bit complex if one wanted to examine it. On the outside, he can be a bit of a loner. Sure, he doesn’t have problems actually interacting with people on a regular basis, but he chooses not too. Growing up Devron was a pretty independent person; he typically spent most of his time engulfed in the pages of a fantasy book. He would spend countless hours a day reading stories of brave warriors rescuing princesses from far away places, while having to conquer lands and face fire-breathing dragons. Secretly, its something Devron has always wanted to do. Not so much rescuing a princess, but fighting dragons. Deep down in his heart, Devron Grimm is an untamed wild child, eagerly desperate to explore the lands for buried treasure. This allows him to instantly connect with children; due to the fact he has such a creative imagination. His parents weren’t too thrilled with his obsession with books and fantasy worlds, so he usually had to hide them underneath his mattress. This is probably a factor why Devron is a bit sneaky when it comes to things that he likes.

The one thing that is rather odd about Devron Grimm is his fascination with skill. If someone has a unique skill that they posses, Devron will do whatever it takes to meet that person, befriend them, and learn that skill. Some would consider it to be an absorber quality, kind of like a sponge. Every since he was little, Devron was drawn to people that were different, which is probably why he read so many books. His brain works like a watch, the gears tick back and forth, and collect the data of the skill he wanted to learn. It doesn’t take long before hand moves and he’s already learned the skill. If someone is willing to teach him how, he can learn to master the art flawlessly. He has a bit of a problem coming up with the solutions on his own, but is able to work through it if the situation arises.

He can be a bit of a wonder, and doesn’t say much if he feels uncomfortable in a situation. Devron has never been apart of a group, so he’s learned to cope with any scenario and press on himself. For whatever reason, anyone who attempts to get remotely close to Devron ends up vanishing out of his life. He can’t explain it, but it happened to four people he loved dearly. He’s not opposed to people gaining his trust and becoming close, but he doesn’t expect much from them. It’s just how life has handled it so far. You win some, and you lose some. In his case, he’s lost a few. He won’t let that keep him down though, and when you actually get to know Grimm, he’s a pretty positive and encouraging individual to himself.

Fishing- Because it's a way for him to relax and not have to worry about dealing with people. Instead he can sneak off to take a nap and wait for the bait to be taken.

Boxing- Being independent at such a young age meant that he had to cope with things himself. He got into the art of boxing in order to protect himself physically until he learned the art of wielding magic. To this day he uses his fist whenever his magic has run out.

Design- Devron enjoys building things with his hands, and has a real knack for design things around Fiore. He's into art and the concept of building design and how in depth buildings really are.

Blades/Swords, Steak, Skills, Coloring, Balloons, Books (especially fiction), The color Green, Seeing his breath when it's chilly outside, Singing in the shower, Clouds, Umbrellas, Being Barefoot, Homemade Desserts

Spiders, Popcorn, Laziness, Smoking, The color Orange, Banks, Storms, Fear of Dying, Disappointment, Throwing up, Jello, Staying in one place forever, People

Devron became a mage to learn the art of magic. He's the type of guy that loves to learn new types of skills, and magic was something he grew up dreaming about. His inspiration drives from his teacher, and wanting to prove to her that she raised a decent pupil. Even if he joined a dark guild, deep down he has the light shining inside, it just needs to be unlocked.

Success: Devron doesn't have the fear of failure, because he knows that everyone fails. He has the fear that he'll go too far in achieving his goal and forget about the failure. He understands the basics of magic, and will use it in such a way to gain whatever he wants.

Love: Devron has a fear of falling in love. Love isn't something that just happens, it's a process that takes time. For him, going through that process is frightening. It would mean that he would open himself up to a person and completely be open to get hurt. Most people that stick in his life, eventually are taken away. It's a reason why he doesn't get close to many individuals.

Bones: Devron has a bit of a weak stomach when it deals with bones popping out of people or broken anything. It really makes him uncomfortable and often times cause him to throw up.

Devron Grimm Augmenthappy

Augment Name: None
Augment Description: None

Devron Grimm Equipmenterza


Devron Grimm Historygray

Dear Whomever,

In case you’re concerned, I don’t have much of an attraction to women. Not saying that I haven’t gazed in their general direction, or stared at a certain body part whenever they’ve passed, but my primarily attraction is skill. For some reason that I cannot explain, I love to watch people do something their skillful at; maybe I have a brain default? No clue… Anyways, before I bore you any further with things you probably could care less about; let me explain to you a little about my past.

Growing up I was never the popular kid. In fact, I only had about a handful of friends. My social skills then weren’t too impressive. Not saying they are now, but it was painfully horrid in my elementary years. Instead of socializing with people, I would escape into alternate realities by the form of books. I found comfort and acceptances within the thin paper pages of a solid novel. Ha, I can even remember the look on my parent’s faces when they saw me sitting on a swing at my own birthday party reading Moby Dick. I’m sure dad was real proud then…

Oh, before I go any further, you must know something. Dad and Mum aren’t huge fans of my life choices, but do I care? Nope. Dad was a hard workingman, very devoted to his job and making money. I know this hurt mum; I can still see it in her eyes to this day. However, she would never confess it. My dad is also the type of man that despised magic and thought it shouldn't be used in the world. Go figure...

Mum is a plain little woman that loves to bake. No one in the whole world can bake pies like her. Mum spent most evenings baking; I guess it was to relieve the doubt of where Dad was. There relationship isn’t perfect, obviously, but they are my parents. I do have love for them, even to this day. I may not be the golden child, but I have done things to make them proud… I hope…

Now, going back to what I was writing about earlier.

School was odd. I didn't go to a tradition school like a lot of other people. In fact I was raised by my teacher, Sophia, after I ran away from home at age 11. She had long brown locks fell down her shoulders, bouncing as she walked. Sophia has the brightest green eyes the world would ever see. I know I wasn’t the only person that thought this, but Sophia was beautiful in every way. Luckily for me, Sophia helped me over come the awkward years as I grew up into a man. I secretly think she made it her life goal to see me being social with people. With her as my teacher, I became slightly more outgoing. I began gaining the skills necessary to interact with people. Now that I think about it, I guess that’s one of the first times I began to be drawn to skill. Sophia was a natural at talking to people. Anyone and everyone Sophia would talk too. I would even bet a dollar that Sophia could make a rock talk back. My best friend was able to open the doors to a persons mind, and get them to expose the dirty secrets she needed to know. Somehow, Sophia became ill and ended up passing away shortly after I turned 16.

After living on my own for a couple months, I met Frank. I ended up calling him Mr. Frank. Frank was a sturdy man that was very muscular. He could easily left me up with one arm. Mr. Frank was in his mid thirties, single and divorced. His wife left him because he spent too much time sword fighting. Frank could wield a sword like none other. He elegantly glided the blade of his sword in the air, cutting through almost anything with the slightest flick of his wrist. This is where my second craving for skill came from. I wanted that ability, just how I wanted Sophia’s. It’s so funny now that I think about it; I would skip classes back then, just to spend the day with Mr. Frank. He really did teach me everything I needed to know about sword fighting. Rain or shine, I would spend hours of training with my master. Over the year, my body became toned and fit. Heh, I suppose it appealed to the women even more.

I always dreamt of seeing other cultures, people, and history that I had grown up reading about. The only problem then, I didn’t have any money. Fortunately when I started out, I sat on a train with an extremely wealth young man. Zex, was his name. Zex had slick black hair that he liked to grease back with gel. His complexion was tan and exotic looking. I will admit he was a handsome lad. What’s so funny is that I wasn’t drawn to his looks. I was drawn to his skill of keeping money. Zex was a genius when it came to keeping up with his savings account. There was never a time when he didn’t have money. He knew the trade of bargaining with people to get things at such a low cost. I spent a year traveling with Zex, free of charge. He trusted me, and I became his right hand man. I told him in the beginning I would only travel with him if he thought me how to handle money like him. I remember him laughing, because he hadn’t been asked that before. Zex had a sly laughter, very devilish. In return, Zex expected me to protect him if need be. The lad wasn’t a fighter, and I was. I guess fate had this in store. We traveled through many countries, and the last place I traveled with Zex was Blackwood Forest.

Blackwood Forest is where I found how to wield my magic.

Magic, such a cruel but rewarding ability in my mind. It’s like a spider, waiting to pull you in through the web for the feasting on your flesh and blood. I see it as an addiction, but a beneficial one. In the forest I met an older woman, Granny Zhen. She had seen the world, you could tell by the many wrinkles on her face. Granny had long white hair that reached down her back. In my mind, for an older woman, Zhen was fairly good looking. It must have been all the specialty foods she ate. Granny Zhen would eat the strangest meals, that weren’t appealing to the average person. Ha, I guess you could say Granny wasn’t average. When I first met her, she was manipulating fire out of thin air, so it seemed. I didn’t know much about magic; my parents rarely spoke of it. When I saw the way she controlled the burning flames, I knew I had to learn the skill. Granny convinced me not to learn the art of fire, but something more unique. This unique ability allows me to cause explosions. Granny was an observer, and she knew that I was skilled with a blade. If I could cause an explosion that would lead to panic inside an enemy, I could easily slice and dice the foe. After I spent about a year with Granny Zhen.

Before I continue, I must tell you something crucial. I must tell you what happened to those four individuals that thought me a form of skill that I now use daily. All four, the moment I left, died. Sophia, Mr. Frank, Zex, and Granny Zhen all passed away. I suppose I sucked their skill right out of them, and they eventually died that way. Kidding… I think? Honestly, I don’t know how they all died, but they did. It was heart breaking when I found out. All those years of investing my time and effort with these people to have them vanish right before my grip. It is a lot like water, is just slips right out your hand the moment you try and hold onto it.

I guess for now, that’s enough. Don’t worry, I’ll write more for you to read soon.

Devron Grimm


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Devron Grimm Empty Re: Devron Grimm

Post by Syrena on Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:11 pm

Beautiful application!

I really enjoyed his history. Once the guilds are posted, please select the one you wish to join Grimm. Once you do that, I can approve your application.

Again. Bravo.


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Devron Grimm Empty Re: Devron Grimm

Post by Syrena on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:10 am

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