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Jerry Leofellen [Arcade Magic] (WIP)

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Jerry Leofellen [Arcade Magic] (WIP)

Post by Jerry Leofellen on Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:44 am

b]Name:[/b] Arcade Magic
Type: Caster
Element/Aspect: N/A
Description: This magic can only be attained by very good gamers that doesn't have any magic yet. In general, if you don't know video games (e.g., Arcade games), then you won't be able to use this magic properly. The spells are based on their knowledge on video games (e.g., Tetris, Pacman, Metroid Prime, etc.)
Side Effects: N/A

(Spell Name) Dance, Dance Revolution (for short, Dance Revo)
Tier: Base Spell
Sigils/Sigil Slots: 0/0
Magic Cost: %
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: Ranged, it reaches up to 2-3 miles
Requirements: It requires mastering the most complicated song/at least master 50 songs to dance, and you must know how to dance.
First of all, Dance Revo is mostly on dancing. Most people think that this is just support. And they are wrong. As soon as he starts dancing, a violet mage circle appears. There will be Dance Revo paraphernalias, which is used for dancing. The caster must follow the correct patterns in order to further maximize the strength of this spell. After the song ends, it unleashes a huge energy, like an explosion, causing it to deal damage to anyone near him. If he still keeps dancing after the song, arrows will appear, and it will strike any enemy on the arrow's direction. It's only weakness is the caster's weariness.
Cooldown: 3 posts

(Spell Name) Tetris Battle
Tier: Base Spell (Keep it like this until you've purchased a tier upgrade for this spell)
Sigils/Sigil Slots: 0/0 (Leave how it is until you've bought a sigil/sigil slot)
Magic Cost: 10 (All base spells begin as 10. And 5 if the spell is continuous.)
Type: (Offensive/Defensive/Utility/Support)
Element: (Elemental alignment)
Range: (Self or ranged? You may give range in feet/meters)
Requirements: (If there are any requirements that this spell needs before having it cast then list them here)
Effect: (What the spell does. Example. This spell casts a fire ball)
Cooldown: (How long do you have to wait until you can use the same spell again?)

Jerry Leofellen

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